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Oracle Fusion SCM Training In Bangalore

Did Cloud deployment option offers 3.2 times more ROI when compared to on-premise option? Yes, it ishow I can’t explain in a single sentence let me know put in detail. Traditional process of deployment is where you have to buy Hardware, hire skilled man power to install, maintain, upgrade, security, performance, back up, recovery etc. Each company has to invest lot of dollars to implement and maintain the servers. Oracle fusion cloud gives every thing with just subscription to IAAS service where every client saves lot of money, efforts and time. What is subscription model buy license for any offering/modules from Oracle and relax. All your servers are up and running and managed by Oracle. IAAS is another platform Oracle has concentrated potential revenue out of this service. In olden day Oracle company has been selling services for SAAS application but now you have everything SAAS, PAAS, IAAS.

What are the advantages of Oracle Cloud Subscription Model?6 ReasonsRobust, Reliable, Secure, Scalable, Integrate, Fast& Quick. Save potential time of installing the application and communication between the teams, ignore about latest updates, bug fixing and new features Oracle will take care. Since it is cloud solution can be easily integrated with other systems for inbound/outbound data flow across the regions using different techniques available in the PASS platform, webservices is one of the easies/safest method of integrations. Security is the key success factor of lot of customers already having by Oracle. 24/7 all the services are up and running without any down time or unavailability of the environment. Automatic security updates to the serves and latest adoption of hardware is the responsibility of Oracle.

We provide all this key information and details to all the participant attending the course session either through online, class room or self-paced on oracle fusion scm training in bangalore. real time execution knowledge is important and vital for the participants to suggest clients about deployment solution available in the market. A decision can change the picture of the business and deployment solution is one key item for every customer to choose. Mostly this decision is in the hands of IT Directors to estimate current savings and opportunities in terms of the technology adoption for the company.

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